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The environment of the Earth is full of exotic plants and animals. The climate of a place determines the types of plants and animals that are going to be found there. The landscape of the area and the amount of rainfall is also an important factor that determines the type of animals and plants that an area could have. The plants and animals have been made to serve the humans. Some plants and animals are consumed by the humans as food while others are used in medicines and for transportation purposes respectively. However not all animals and plants are friendly and of use for the humans. Some animals and plants can cause severe harm to the humans.

Mostly the animals are the ones that can be of danger for the humans especially the insects. All those animals or plants that cause harm to the humans or their possessions are termed as pests. Most of the known pests come from the insect kingdom. Insects like cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and termites are known as domestic pests. These pests multiply themselves very quickly and can prove to be very dangerous to human health because they carry many germs which can cause lethal diseases.

Pest Control in Malaysia:

Malaysia is an Asian country that has been advancing at a rapid pace. The climate of Malaysia is very conducive for the growth of the pests. The humid weather that persists there is ideal for the pests. The Pest Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM) is very active in providing solutions to the people that are being affected by pests. This organization has laid out guidelines for the people on how to keep their homes and offices safe from pest infestation.

Different Pest Control Companies in Malaysia:

Many companies have also come up with new techniques that are designed to eliminate the pest problem from the life of the people. Rentokil is the most well known company in Malaysia that provides expert advice on pest control. Rentokil has a vast experience in dealing with the pests and has many experienced professionals that guide the people about the various techniques used for pest control. The company also provides pest control solutions for the people and makes use of the best quality products for pest control that are safe for the humans and for the environment as well. The services of Rentokil are not limited to residential customers and the business customers too can take advantage of them.

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Pest Control Malaysia - Making Malaysia Pest Free

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Pest Control Malaysia - Making Malaysia Pest Free

This article was published on 2011/06/18