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The most unpopular and talked about house in any neighborhood is the one with the unsightly overgrown yard. An overgrown yard not only irritates your neighbors but it can harbor both insects and rodents. One green method of keeping pests under control is by keeping a tidy lawn.

Many methods of green pest control focus on preventative measures. In order to prevent an infestation, you have to make your home, lawn and garden a little less attractive to pests. Tall weeds and grass give them a place to hide, to live and to reproduce.

Rodents and insects alike are drawn to messy yards. They are both looking for the same thing: a safe, secluded place to eat, rest and raise their young. Outdoor clutter and weeds give them the perfect spot to set up housekeeping. Given the chance, many pests will live in close proximity to humans. Mosquitos, mice, roaches, flies and spiders all enjoy our company. We provide a source of food either through scraps and garbage or our own bodies. Plus, our homes provide safety from predators and a cozy place to sleep.

If pests like these are allowed to get this close to you home, it is not a difficult task to get inside your home. Just a tiny crack in the foundation will give ants plenty of room to march in and build nests in the walls. A gap of about ¼ inch is big enough for even a pregnant mouse and holes the size of a quarter will admit good-sized rats.

Mowing the yard regularly and trimming the shrubs and trees seasonally will cut down on the growth of many weeds. This takes away the necessary shelter pests seek out. Some varieties have proven themselves to be harder to handle. You may need professional help. Look for a weed and pest control company that uses green methods.

There are ways of controlling weeds without toxic chemicals. Pulling them by is always an option but professionals have a few other means at their disposal. There are pre-emergent herbicides that attack the plant’s seeds so it cannot reproduce. They can fertilize the grass so that it chokes out any unwanted plants.

A well-kept yard is more beautiful and healthier for you, your family and pets and the entire neighborhood. What one neighbor does or does not do with his yard can affect the whole block. Pests care nothing for property lines and one garage looks just as good as the next in their eyes. Be a good neighbor and practice good weed control.

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Control Weeds with Green Solutions

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Control Weeds with Green Solutions

This article was published on 2011/11/22